RadioSonideros- we map the city through sound.

RadioSonideros is a collective of independent audio producers founded in 2004. The group is made up of teachers, radio professionals, journalists, and artists whose goal is to map changes in landscapes and communities by recording oral histories, natural environments, and ambient sounds. In 2005 RadioSonideros was invited by artist Lauren Bon to produce The Roots of the Park, a documentary in seven parts about the neighborhoods surrounding a 32-acre train-switching yard that was turned into a state park, just north of downtown Los Angeles. The documentary can be experienced in its original for at

Air, Earth, Water. Earth, Water, and Air are the elements that humans have historically used to travel, to migrate, to immigrate. For a traveler, the Earth, the Air, and the Waters carry us, open doors for us, and nourish us upon arrival. In this selection of work, RadioSonideros presents a three-part audio meditation on human migration, arrival, and assimilation by way of these three elements. This trilogy was a welcome commission for Neurotransmitter's FM Ferry Experiment, a moving audio feast on the Staten Island Ferry in 2007.